Farzana Shah
Editor-in-Chief (VoKP Quarterly Magazine)
Project Manager VoKP

Having more than 13-year of journalism experience, Farzana Shah has worked with a number of national & international newswires.
She has worked as Head of FM Buraq 104 Peshawar (FM SAMAA), with The Nation, Asian Tribune Sweden, PakTribune, Defence Journal, PTV Peshawar, and The Statement. Contributed to Dawn, The News, Green Book.
She is also editor of a Global Conflict Watch. As a Defense and Cortex analyst, her areas of focus includes militancy along Pak-Afghan border region, geopolitics, cyber security, emerging technologies, warfare, military aviation, maritime security, Kashmir, and satellite imagery.
She is also recipient of International DAJA award in Journalism. Furthermore, she has contributed to significant national/ international newswires on regional / domestic geopolitics, security and threats.

Tweets @Janashah_1 , @Jana_Shah
She can be contacted at:
Email: farzanashah@voiceofkp.org