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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

All is not gloomy about COVID-19

Lockdown has pushed the whole province to a paralysis where the life has completely come to a halt. Pandemic has created fear uncertainty and compel us to change our social ways to interact with each other. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining, COVID-19 despite all these curses has also provided opportunities to correct our course and heal as a human and society. Let’s see what positive impact it has on Pakistan in general and specifically on KP.

Reunion of families:
Parents yearning for their children company living in foreign countries like USA, UK, America, and many other countries have finally got an opportunity to mingle with their loved ones who has returned due to this pandemic. Families who lived under one roof but could hardly enjoy family time due to their commitments can finally sit, relax and enjoy together. Family time is an essential ingredient that helps to create bond, love, connections and relationships among the family members. We can use this time and opportunity to rekindle that love which we lost in the hustle bustle of our over-committed life.

Resetting of environment:
The entire environment is resetting, ozone layer (region of earth stratosphere that absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation) is healing due to closure of major sources of ozone contamination. Peshawar, the second most polluted city in the entire world is in a green zone after a very long time where its dwellers can breathe fresh air and can enjoy clear blue skies.

Rekindling the charitable spirits:
All the Philanthropists in KP have responded enthusiastically to provide support to poor families who are affected by the lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak. Many young people have stepped in to help needy families by providing moral and economic support through social media plugins, fund raising, personal assistance of financial aid and groceries in almost every district of KP. Domestic NGO’s such as Al-Khidmat foundation in KP has also contributed actively to ensure that the most vulnerable segment of society do not feel the effect of economic freeze and partial lockdown. A large number of youth has joined PM Imran Khan Tiger Force to help the week section of the society.

Institutes are adopting:
Even in the lockdown almost all the educational institutes in KP are adopting innovative ways and means to keep developing students learning progress. Institutes have started Google online classes and are facilitating students to remain active and busy in healthy activities. Health institutes are hyper active and are responding very well to the challenge at hand. One of the positive outcomes of the disease is that overall system of the country is maturing to respond in a better way if the country faces such pandemic situation in future.

Surviving on organic food:
Pandemic has made us realize that we can survive on organic food and shelve our addiction with junk food like KFC and pizza hut. More importantly, this pandemic has made us aware about the importance of organic food and its positive effects on health. Fortunately, organic food is cheap in Pakistan and easy to afford, it can help us save on our hard-earned money.

Final word:
The pandemic has compelled humankind to sit, take a deep breath and think of its collective course. It has united humanity and made the world realize that no one is immune or safe from a hazard no matter how strong or far he lives. In midst of disparity it has given the world a chance to correct its course and start contributing positively to heal environment for our future generations. I sincerely hope that once the pandemic is over we remember what we learnt in hard times.

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