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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Hamayoun Khan – An Unsung Hero

There is no doubt that credit for elimination of decade long terrorism goes to Pakistan Army as it was the frontline force and have lost thousands of officers and soldiers in war against terror.

However, besides Pakistan Army, there are numerous unsung heroes away from the glare of traditional media who has served the nation voluntarily during war on terror. Hamayoun Khan 45, hailing from Bajaur district, is one of such heroes who served local people of Bajaur during war on terror. He remained a dispenser at government hospital in Bajaur Khar.

While talking to Voice of KP, Hamayoun Khan recalled that, back in 2008, before the war, he was a simple dispenser. The turning point in his life came in August 2008, when unknown masked assailants attacked two of his friends in his presence and there was no one to evacuate them to hospital.

After that I started a mission of treating people who have been injured in cross fire between Pakistan Army and Taliban; adding that until the end of war on terror, he had saved more than 80 people through first aid.

Hamayoun Khan further said, that he had faced many issues in curing the injured people as usually the fight between Pakistan Army and Taliban would last for hours. He had dug caves in mountains where he used to store his medical equipment’s to provide first aid to the injured people without any delay.

“During my journey of saving lives of innocent civilians, many of my friends and family members were not ready to support me. As they knew, I was playing with fire and it can take my life or can even cause troubles for my family, but I still did not stop my mission and kept fighting for serving the civilians” said Hamayoun Khan.

While answering a question, he said that working alone in such critical situation with no proper medical equipment was never easy but he had no other option than to serve the masses.He recalled a story of a child who was seriously injured when a bullet hit his head, “It was April 2009, when suddenly fight started between Pakistan Army and Taliban which injured many civilians including a nine years old Hamza who got a bullet in his head.”

He continued that within no time, I reached at the spot despite heavy exchange of fire and provided first aid to the child. He maintained that as the cross fire stopped after a long period of 9 hours, they took Hamza to Peshawar where doctors carried out a successful surgery and now Hamza is living a happy life in Bajaur.

There are many Hamayoun Khan whose stories are not known to Pakistan and the world. National media needs to highlight such people who have served the nation with no vested motives but to serve humanity. Individuals like Hamayoun Khan are a true inspiration for our young generation.

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