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Saturday, May 25, 2024

How book reading improves your life

With the upswing of social media and new technology, people have been reading less. Do your daily reading revolves around the Facebook update, Twitter, and the ingredients of your shampoo? This cannot be described as reading at all. Emerging communications technologies are disruptive, so one cannot build necessary traits while relying on these technologies for reading. They are counter-productive for our mental health.

On the other hand, reading books may improve your health, mentally and physically. Reading has a crucial and remarkable number of benefits.

Stress and Anxiety alleviation

The body’s natural reaction to a challenge is STRESS. Yes, exactly stress, from which more than half of our population is suffering from including our youth. All the stress slips away when you are immersed in reading a good book. A well-written novel or book can enable you to create your plot, themes of your own, and characters referring to your preference. Reading allows you to distract and helps you to relax mentally.

If you are one of those who are suffering from this silent disease, try reading a fiction book.

Mental Nourishment

Studies have shown that reading can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. By not reading or participating in mental activities, you might be unknowingly promoting cognitive decline. Reading is just like an exercise used to strengthen your brain especially enhancing mental activities that require our focus.

Stimulation of creativity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” This was told us by the brightest brain of the human race, Albert Einstein, more than half a century ago. New studies have proven that there is a direct linkage between our ability to imagine new possibilities and reading. This perhaps is one explanation that why fiction is the most sought after genre of books today in the developed world. Reading leads to new ideas of writing, and new fiction leads to ‘state of the art’ scientific inventions.

Birth of new Knowledge

Reading gives us familiarity and understanding of things we call knowledge. It broadens our horizons to help us understand complex issues and things. At the same time, reading about issues also inspires us in many ways. Solution providers all over the world are people who read about issues in their respective fields. They only add to the new knowledge after they have done their reading.

Better Focus and Vocabulary Building

You’ll not understand what you are reading unless you are focused. Reading can exercise your focus and memory because while reading, your brain retains pieces of the information due to which the part of the brain that controls memory and focus is stimulated as well.

Better memory means a vast vocabulary. Its expansion helps to understand others’ objectives more clearly.

Writing skills

Have you ever wished you were a better writer? Writing helps you to express your opinion, feelings, and emotions. Whether you want to express your opinion or to write for work, reading will play a crucial role in it. Studying the writings of others can help you to find flaws in your writings to help you to improve them. Remember that every good writer is a great reader.

Enlighten your day

Feeling depressed? Don’t know what to do during this pandemic? Grab a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, and your favorite novel. It will distract you from your daily routine and worries ushered along.

Sometimes you might want to take a ride to an adventurous world, that’s the best time to read a novel and immerse in your imagination.

Similarly, reading self-help books is another way to fight depression.

What are you doing during a pandemic? During the COVID-19 lockdown, why not we change our busy and hectic lifestyle to a healthy one? Grab a book and relieve your stress, improve your imagination, and boast you your knowledge, focus, and memory.

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