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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Inauguration of Islamabad Blue Area Mission

As part of the reforms led by the PTI Government, PM Khan lays the foundation of an important project in Islamabad that has the potential to be one of the biggest commercial hubs in Pakistan.
Prime Minister Imran Khan on sunday launched the Islamabad Blue Area mission, saying that the federal government will launch mega projects for Lahore and Karachi quickly. Taking to Twitter, the prime minister said that the mission will offer jobs and attract funding from overseas Pakistanis. “Launching the Islamabad Blue Area multi-billion rupees commercial project today. This will not only provide jobs but will also attract investment from overseas Pakistanis. One mega project to be launched in Lahore and one in Karachi soon,” he tweeted.
This new initiative to establish a trade zone in the capital will definitely help economy in many ways and will benefit the community. The blue area is likely to become a hub of international trade and business and will create job opportunities for the locals. It’ll also lead to increase in Foreign Direct Investments from overseas Pakistanis and is likely to attract local and foreign tourists to the city itself.
Islamabad being the capital of the country will enjoy a host of activities that will help creating commercial, cultural, and trade actvities. Pakistan needs to learn from the free trade zones that are setup in various developed countries specifically in the Gulf. These free trade zones allow the investors to make investments with ease and liberalized policies with less government interference.
The overall outlook of this project looks promising. However, no matter how promising this project is, implementation of reforms and progressive policies is a pre-requisite to make such projects a success. A multibillion rupee Blue Area commercial project will only be successful if right policies with a right team are put in place.
Pakistan is in desperate need of such commercial projects in today’s tough economic times and completion of such projects will definitely help economy.

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