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Sunday, June 16, 2024

KP women excelling in Police force

Despite cultural and other bearers in a male dominated society, Pakistani women proven themselves in every walk of life when it comes to pursuing a professional career.
Women of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are exploring fields that once considered exclusively the domain of men. Police department is one such field that was always been very tough to pursue a career.
Dilshad Pari, the first-ever SHO of district Chitral is one of such brave women who swum against the tides and decided to join police department to serve her community and people around her.
While talking to Voice of KP, Dilshad Pari who is LLB graduate said that her father was an inspiration for her as he too was a police officer, saying that she had many other options of job but police department was her choice.

Dilshad Pari also holds the honour of topping the Police Training College Hangu for three times consecutively as a police cadet.
“Working as a woman police officer in a man dominant society and even man dominant field has always been tough, but with the support of family and especially my father, I have never looked behind and carried on my mission to serve my people around me,” said SHO Dilshad Pari.
Recalling the past when her family refused to let Dilshad Pari join the police department she said, “Being from a Syed family, my family was reluctant to let me join police force”, but later on they have allowed me and now are proud of me.”

About the challenges she faces on daily bases as a woman police officer, Dilshad said, “No doubt as a woman officer it has always been challenge to fulfil her responsibilities but with the support of male staff I am always confident to resolves and address the public issues.”

Answering a question about the social issues in Chitral and her role in resolving or minimising these issues, Dilshad said that throughout her career she was more focused on resolving the social issues of the people including, land disputes, enforced marriage, suicide and many other such issues.
About her future planning Dilshad Pari stated, “My future planning is to provide safety to public for their legal rights and to fight for uprooting drug, narcotics and every evil from society.”

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