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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Never let disability hinder your dreams

Junaid Shirazi, a student at Hazara University’s Department of English Literature, is a living example of courage and enthusiasm.  He lost both his hands due to electric shock in his childhood but he did not allow his disability to become a compulsion. He belongs to the remote village of Buttal in Mansehra district.

 Junaid Shirazi lost his hands in 2005 in an electrocution incident when he was five years old.

“I was playing with other children when some of them challenged me to climb an electric pole. I took their word to my heart and climbed. It is when I was electrocuted and lost not only both my hands but other parts of my body were also burnt”, Junaid narrated his story.

Junaid Shirazi says his desire to become a lecturer forced him to continue his studies, adding that currently he is a BS VI student in the English department of Hazara University.

Junaid Shirazi writes his academic assignments and carry other such tasks himself despite being differently-able and also plays cricket.

 Junaid says that he despite being disabled is hopeful of life and pursuing his dreams so can others if they show courage and passion.  There is a need for official patronage of such courageous souls so that they can continue not only studies but their dreams too, he opined.

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