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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Peshawar Food Diaries:The Power of Social Media

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had been famous for its traditions, bravery and famous for traditional food such as Karahi, Kabuli Pulao, Chapli Kebab etc.

With the emergence of social media youth of the country specially from Khyber Pukhtunkhwa ventured into innovative arenas for promotion of different cuisines.

Peshawar Food Diaries launched by Roomi Shoaib is one such venture that had gained attention of the audience & helped in promoting home-based, local, national & international eateries in KP.

Roomi Shoaib had launched Peshawar Food Diaries in 2014 to support restaurant and food industry via social media.

According to Mr. Roomi PFD is KP’s largest social media group with over 100, 000 members, which aims to foster craving for local food, cuisines, cafés and eateries.

“ It aims to educate people to step up their taste buds, dine out and support the restaurant industry along with constructive criticism”,  he said.

Peshawar Food Diaries team consists of Roomi Shoaib, Rameez Anees, Mehwish Sethi, Romaisa Masood, Hira Bangash, Taimoor, Islam Khan, Usaid Sethi, Muhammad Muzamil, Muhammad Imran, Imran Zia and Annie Khan. Each person is associated with different tasks, from promoting to food reviews, events and reporting abuse.

While talking to Voice of KP, Rameez Anees said, “The need for such a platform was felt because KP society was lacking big international food brands, such as Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Gloria Jeans etc. we wanted people to try out different cuisines other than BBQ, Karahi and traditional food.”

He added, “After successful promotion of restaurant business in Peshawar, several international food brands stepped in; some of the investors credited PFD for opportunity growth through this platform”.

“Peshawar Food Diaries has developed a culture of healthy criticism over different eateries by educating people on writing food reviews, founder of PFDs told VoKP.

To promote and encourage women who are working in food industry, PFD has not only supported the restaurants’ industry, but the platform has also highlighted and promoted home-based and home-made food. It provided an opportunity to women to publicise their home-made food business and earn a living.

PFD is also educating people to try new food. The team believes that people of KP are now more open to welcome and try new foodstuff. One of the motives of this platform is to guide people to get out of the nutshell of BBQ and Karahi option and try different options.

Another motive of this platform is to encourage investors to open food chains in Peshawar and urge them to review the specialties of different restaurants that will support the food industry here.

PFD also organises food and musical events in Peshawar in collaboration with different brands from the food industry and globally highlight the positive image of Peshawar, once considered a hub of war on terror. According to the admins, the first event of 7up Fiesta organised by PFD was a huge success.

Charity work also goes to PFD credit as they host Dastarkhwan, next to Spin Jumat on alternate days of the week to feed the needy and poverty-ridden people.

The forum is hoping to introduce people of Peshawar to all sorts of eateries, such as staple food of KP that is its identity and international cuisines which will further lift the food industry in the province.

There is need for more such platforms to not only boost food industry, help young entrepreneurs but also to bridge cultural gaps through shared love for food.

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