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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Quit tobacco to be a winner

World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on 31 May to spread awareness regarding the fatal effects of tobacco.
The use of tobacco keeps on growing in Pakistan because of a lack of understanding approximately its dangers. Smoking may be a worldwide hazard considered one of the most vital reasons behind preventable premature death.
Smoking cigarettes, pipe, cigar, hubbly-bubbly, and different use of tobacco like chewing tobacco and sniffing all are dangerous and
A vasoconstrictive in tobacco smoke causes addiction by increasing the brain levels of chemicals Dopastat and Endrophine. These chemicals provide sense of satisfaction.
In Pakistan, it is estimated that the prevalence of tobacco smoking in males is 36% and 9% among females. Pakistan is one of 15 countries worldwide with a heavy burden of tobacco-related ill health. Tobacco use is the main preventable cause of death in the country, accounting for one-third of all cancer deaths.
It is the sole most important cause of preventable premature death and disability with the number one killer being lung cancer. As in smoking, it causes various mental disorders: depression, anxiety, anorexia nervosa, self-harm, binge eating disorder, etc. The main symptom on both sides of the cigarette has been its addictive power; although not as bad as that of heroin or morphine but worse than all types of alcohol, which leads us to think addiction rather simply may have replaced morality!
There is a need for Tobacco awareness among teenagers. Some of the contributing factors that lead teenagers towards consumption of tobacco are
 Curiosity
 Peer pressure
 Western lifestyle
 Media and appealing ads
 Toxic environment
 Attitude of family and friends
 Guardian’s negligence
 Stress
 Self-esteem
 To look cool and attractive among friends by drinking flavorful huqas and vapes (E-cigarette)
Besides the tobacco industry has also started a tactic of using flavors in
tobacco products to attract young people and make them addicted. It turns out that menthol makes it easier to start smoking and harder to quit.
To some smoking E-cigarette, may makes you look attractive and cool but do you know that you are gambling with your precious life. E-cigarettes containing nicotine and some salts make it easier to inhale a large amount of nicotine.

Government should take immediate action to control tobacco consumption. It should adopt a range of measures including curtailing tobacco advertisement, restrictions on smoking in public places, increase in tobacco taxation, ban on tobacco smuggling. Government should operate public education and information campaigns to encourage smokers to quit and aware them of the harms of tobacco. Educational Programs and Anti-tobacco campaign must be made obligatory, as it has shown to increase knowledge and prevent use of tobacco among youth. Rehabilitations and Treatment centers must be open in every city with full facilities.
Stop being a slave of tobacco. This year the theme of World No-Tobacco Day is “Quit Tobacco to be a winner”. Quitting tobacco is victory! Quit it to develop a healthy lifestyle!

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