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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Revisiting the memory of Serving Fantastic Tea

Recalling the specific eccentric day of fantastic tea served by Pakistan Air Force to Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.  When Indian Military attempted to strike military settlement inside Pakistan’s territory, this incident took place. India managed to smash up some trees and lost their aircraft along with the pilot. Pakistan, later on, handed him back to India where the government of India presented him the greatest Indian military award for adoring our tea.

The bogus narratives and propaganda by India after its attack on Pakistan stirred havoc internationally that masked the true story behind the attack.

Indian sensationalised media tried hard to fabricate the story that their air force killed 300 terrorists at Balakot and calling it a successful operation. As the Wing Commander Abhinandan embarked on Pakistan’s airspace and was shot down leading to his arrest and subsequent return. The arrest made it to international headlines and inspite of the apparent embarrassment for India, in a tongue-in-cheek turn of events, Varthaman was still awarded Vir Chakra honour, one of India’s highest gallantry award.

The Pulwama attack in India on February 14, 2019, added fuel to the existing tense diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan. It snowballed into a massive threat to the security in the region bringing India and Pakistan at the brink of war. Whereas, Pakistan strongly condemned the attack and denied anything to do with it. The era of fake news emanated to Indian rescue. Lies suited the Indian media, government and the public to an extent where they blindly start pointing fingers at Pakistan. The major plan was to line up RSS base behind BJP and Narendra Modi in the May 2019 elections, which did happen. The dogmatic ends were attained but the status of the IAF and Indian military dominance was left in pieces.

Whereas, Pakistan returned the captive Indian pilot as a peace gesture between the two countries which Modi thanklessly considered as a move made out of immense fear.

Hiding under the cover of democracy and secularism, the consequent Indian governments ruled by politicians from Hindu fascist groups have been using vicious force brutally against any attempt to liberate Assam, Kashmir, Khalistan, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu and Tripura where wars of freedom persist in one form or the other.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan said then that he became acquaintance with various world leaders he met at World Economic Forum, and he further briefed the leaders about the intensity of Kashmir issue.

Further, PM Imran Khan stated in his historic address at the United Nations that Pakistan would on no occasion abandon Kashmiris and vowed that he himself would constantly plead the case as an ambassador of Kashmiris. The subject which the prime minister spoke most specifically was about the subjugation of the people of occupied Kashmir. He said Pakistan is a peaceful country but will fight every tyranny without a shred of any fear. PM Khan said Pakistan is able of triumphing tough. He said that at any time people in Indian Occupied Kashmir wanted support, whole Pakistan would support them. Khan’s assertive and off-the-cuff speech struck a chord with many Kashmiris reeling beneath the unparalleled communications and travel  constraints. Further, he added the response to how anyone can do something like this to people such as in Kashmir remains in the RSS ideology followed by Modi.

Insight of the above-mentioned Indian tyranny, the world nowadays is back to the future. Kashmir the present-day Sudetenland has been occupied by Hitler’s stern devotee Modi. The universal players are quiet over Kashmir issue yet again completely ignoring how Modi has endangered regional and global peace. It’s time for the Key players of global politics to stop appeasing India for her barbarism against Kashmiri Muslims.

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