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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Saqib Nisar trolled

A huge controversy on Sunday was erupted when former Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar was trolled and targeted under a smear campaign allegedly launched by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and some anti-state journalists regarding using Dam funds for his son’s Valima.
The allegations were also leveled on the bases that Indian designer, Anita Dongre had designed her wedding the custom lehenga of Saqib Nisar’s daughter in law with an estimate of worth 1.5 crore.
On the issue a senior journalist Tahir Niaz said that unfortunately there are some journalists and teams of political parties who are always involved in such campaign of baseless allegations against prominent personalities in Pakistan.
He elaborated that it was the private matter of Saqib Nisar’s life and no one is allowed to interfere in his private issues; adding that in past the political parties have criticised many journalists on their comments on their private affairs but now they itself are doing so, he added.
Instead of praising his initiative for collecting funds for the construction of dams when the issue of water deficiency in Pakistan rose former Chief Justice came forward and announced that he is going to build Diamer and Bhasha Dam and will collect donations for this purpose.
For the purpose to serve the nation he made foreign visits to collect money from overseas Pakistanis and people within the country gave him donations as well. He had collected approximately 9.29 Billion Pakistan Rupees.
The PML-N team was also involved in a campaign of baseless allegations against Saqib Nisar when he had visited the foreign countries in order to collect funds for dams and save Pakistan from water scarcity in future.
According to political experts it was the duty of past government to take this issue serious and take initiatives to create funds for the construction of dams in their tenure; but they failed to do so and when Mian Saqib Nisar took the lead on the issue, he was criticised and trolled on social media.
Besides, the political parties, many so called journalists are also involved in this baseless campaign against the former Chief Justice in past as well.
On the other hand, it is very strange that these journalists do not bother to utter a single word on Mr Arsalan Iftikhar who is the son of ex Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry and is accused of taking bribe.
According to the reports Mr Malik Riaz who is a well known businessman alleged that he paid for Arsalan’s trips to London and Monte Carlo including gambling debts, gifts and cash worth more than 2 million pounds in return of confidential information and favours into an ongoing probe by his father.
An inquiry was launched to investigate the matter but was inconclusive and allegedly former CJP used his power to discontinue it. Meanwhile, these so-called champions of freedom of press are also yet to write a sentence against Justice Faez Isa, who is facing a presidential reference accusing him of concealing his properties in the United Kingdom, allegedly held in the name of his wife and children. Justice Isa is known for his many controversial moves for example; he wrote the Quetta Commission Report on the bombing which took place in August 2016 wherein he alleged that the complicity of terrorist and jihadi organisations with the security organs of the government caused it. Then he took suo motu notice of the 21-day long Faizabad dharna staged by the Labaik Ya Rasool Allah in November 2017 and accused the dubious role of civil-military intelligence agencies in the issue.

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