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Sunday, May 26, 2024

The first NCA Musicology graduate from KP

Ali Murad Khan( 23) from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) who got a professional degree in Musicology from well know NCA-Lahore last year had become the first-ever student from KP who got a music degree. Ali Murad Khan who basically belongs to Mohmand district of KP has been fascinated by music and arts since his childhood has defied all the social odds by adopting music and arts as a profession.

While talking to Voice of KP, Ali Murad Khan said, “learning professional music and arts had always been my dream, to fulfill which I enrolled myself in NCA”. Ali Murad said that although he belongs to a conservative region of Mohmand district has faced militancy as well but his family has always supported him and had never stopped him from fulfilling his dream. He said his family members are open minded and very supportive, saying that it was his family support that he is pursuing a career as a professional artist and musician.

“I did not know about the fact that I was the first and only one from KP who is pursuing professional degree of Musicology from NCA”, Ali said. According to Ali, choosing arts and music as a career was not an easy decision at all for him as there were some social challenges around,  he had to face before going to NCA.

Ali said, “Our society has been through Talibanisation and war on terror for the last few decades which has badly affected the mentality and attitudes of people. Space  for arts and music is shrinking with every passing day and this is the reason that choosing music as a professional career is itself a challenge to face with.”

About his future planning Ali said, he wanted to work on the mindset of people in tribal districts and bring the youth toward music and arts to beat extremism and violence as this mindset has already cost Pashtun belt a lot. Ali Murad in his concluding remarks said that music and arts were important for the peace and prosperity of the society, saying that he is committed to establish a music and arts academy in Pakistan to educate and aware youth about importance of music and offer them opportunities to learn music and play positive role in the society.

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