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Saturday, April 13, 2024

China-Afghanistan transit trade starts via Khunjerab Pass Pakistan

PESHAWAR: A historic moment unfolded as the first shipment of goods embarked on its journey from China to Afghanistan through the Khunjerab border, marking the initiation of a significant trade route. The maiden consignment, bound for Kabul, began its voyage from China’s Kashgar city and made its entry into Pakistan through the renowned Khunjerab Pass.

To commemorate this pivotal event, an inaugural ceremony was held at Sost Dry Port, witnessing the convergence of key figures including GB Customs Collector Syed Fawad Ali Shah, Transit Trade Director for Peshawar Arbab Qaiser, officials, and trade representatives.

The introduction of this transit route holds immense promise, as it is projected to substantially reduce travel time by approximately 70%, accompanied by a significant 30% cut in logistics expenses. This cost and time reduction is poised to trigger positive trade diversion, amplifying the attractiveness of this route for international commerce.

The successful commencement of the inaugural shipment underscores the potential for enhanced trade connections between China and Afghanistan. With its strategic location and the facilitation of a more efficient trade corridor, this route is expected to contribute significantly to regional economic growth and collaboration.

The maiden shipment’s journey from China to Kabul via the Khunjerab border signifies a promising step towards fostering trade connectivity, unlocking economic opportunities, and strengthening international relations. As the route continues to develop and streamline, it holds the potential to become a pivotal link in the broader network of global trade routes.

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