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Friday, May 24, 2024

Mardan Smart lockdown

Mardan: Lockdown imposed in 9 areas due to increasing cases of Corona. Takht Bhai, Gujjargarhi, some areas of Tharkan Baba-Sidankhel Mohib Banda, Muslim Abad, Rustam and some areas of Katling are also included.

Officials announced that Smart Lock Down will be valid for 14 days. All kinds of movement will be banned in the affected areas. The provision of food items and medical services will be excluded by Smart Lockdown. Sanitation, disinfectant sprays and dirt will be removed in the affected areas on a daily basis.

Outbreak kills 3 in 24 hours, 96 positives cases and 589 negatives cases reported. Outbreak rate in 15 hours was 15.81%.

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